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Taste of Music City and Savor Nashville Celebrity Chef Dinner!

May 26, 2011

Nashville is becoming quite the food city. Lately the dining scene has just exploded. We have amazing restaurants that celebrate using great local and seasonal ingredients. The number of gourmet food trucks seems to go up daily. And, I even hear that Nashville is going to be on an episode of the Travel Channel’s Man vs. Foodnation (oh, if only I had a chance to participate in that!)

So, what better way to experience Nashville’s food than by tasting all that it has to offer, right? This is going to be one foodie packed weekend!

Taste of Music City

When: June 4, 2011, 11 AM – 10 PM

Where: Public Square Park and Deadrick St. in Downtown

Buy yourself some tasting tickets and enjoy foods from some great restaurants like tayst, Martin’s BBQ Joint, Copper Kettle, MafiaOzas, and the Boundry. Did I mention proceeds benefit the Martha O’Bryan Foundation? Eat and benefit a good cause!

*Kickoff Event: June 3, 2011, 5pm-8pm at Public Square Park. $25 ticket for a preview with local breweries!

Savor Nashville Celebrity Chef Dinner

When: June 4, 2011, 7 pm

Where: Hilton Nashville Downtown

This is the event I’m most excited about! There are five, yes 5!, James Beard Award winning chefs coming to town. They are pairing up with 5 amazing Nashville local chefs and putting on a dinner with wine pairings! Here is a look at all the chefs and the amazing menu. Go to the website to purchase tickets.

Lydia Shire & Matt Simonds of the Hilton Downtown Nashville
Lobster Popovers
Demitasse of Chilled Minted English Pea with Hot Pork Belly Bap

Paired With: Concannon Selected Vineyards 2010 Pinot Grigio, Central Coast

Norman Van Aken & Jeremy Barlow of Tayst

Brazilian Shrimp Chowder

Paired With: Concannon Conservancy 2009 Chardonnay, Livermore Valley

Robert Kinkead & Matt Bolus of Watermark
Brioche and Mustard Crusted Halibut with Porchini Broth
Favas and Exotic Mushroom Agnolotti

Paired With: Concannon Conservancy 2008 Merlot, Livermore Valley

Robert Del Grande & Brian Uhl of Sunset Grille
Roasted “Triple NY” Steak
Beef Rib Mole and Hominy

Paired With: Concannon Conservancy 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon, Livermore Valley

Larry Forgione & Megan Williams of Capitol Grille
HI Vintage Chocolate Macadamia Torte
James Beard Strawberry Rhubarb Shortcake
Candied Citrus Charlotte Russe

Paired With: Concannon Conservancy 2008 Petite Sirah, Livermore Valley

*Thanks to Beth for the heads up, but there is a limited time deal going on where you can get $55 of the ticket price. Click here!

Savor Nashville Shrimp n’ Grits Cookoff

When: June 5, 2011, 2-4 pm

Where: Hutton Hotel

And as if you couldn’t pack any more food in, a bunch of amazing local chefs are making one of my favorite dishes – shrimp n’ grits. Who am I to resist 10 or so offerings of this magnificent combination? Guess what, you’ll get a mimosa there too and get to try all the dishes! Tickets for this event are $40.

Enter the Taste of Music City Kickoff Event Giveaway!!

*NOTE: CONTEST IS CLOSED. Kelly Randall was the winner!

Next week should be an amazing and exciting weekend for the Nashville food scene! So if you are in town or up for a road trip, come on down here next week and engage in some glorious gluttony for the weekend. To help you kick it off, I am giving away TWO tickets to the Taste of Music City KICKOFF event on June 3. In order to enter, leave a comment telling me about your favorite restaurant/dish in Nashville. I will randomly pick a winner next Wednesday (June 1).

I can’t wait and I hope to see you there!



9 Comments leave one →
  1. May 26, 2011 2:10 PM

    My favorite restaurant of all time in Nashville was Zola, and pretty much anything Deb Paquette made there. Since Zola closed, I’ve been auditioning new favorites. Right now I probably go to Amerigo more than anywhere else. I love pretty much everything on their menu, but I always have to get their crab cake, especially during their early bird special!

  2. Shawnte M. permalink
    May 26, 2011 3:42 PM

    I’m not sure if this counts as a restaurant, but I am in love with Pinkberry! I am also going to Cha Chah’s in a couple of weeks. Your pictures and review sealed the deal!

  3. May 27, 2011 6:39 AM

    Ooh this is so hard to pick!! I love the belly ham pizza at city house.

  4. May 27, 2011 12:05 PM

    ooh, great giveaway, vivek! my favorite restaurant in nashville might be watermark these days. although those addicting ravioli sticks at mafiaoza’s might be my favorite food of the moment. i can’t get them out of my mind!!

  5. Wallace permalink
    May 27, 2011 2:48 PM

    Don’t know if I have a favorite restaurant or dish, but the braised chicken at Firefly Grille is outstanding. I think it is only on their winter menu and it is a perfect winter meal.

  6. Pete K permalink
    June 1, 2011 11:58 AM

    I have two favorites, first would be the Falooda at Woodlands, and second would be the bread pudding at Arnold’s.

  7. June 1, 2011 1:23 PM

    I would have to say that my favorite restaurants are a pretty solid tie between City House and Miel. If only I could frequent them more often… good news is our 1st wedding anniversary is coming up soon and I am willing to bet the farm that I will get to eat at at least one of them!

  8. TraciWilbur permalink
    June 1, 2011 1:36 PM

    My favorite restaurant in Nashville is the Yellow porch and I can not get enough of their shrimp & grits. It is just about perfect & if on the menu, I get it every time! 55 south & Mack & Kate’s both have excellent shrimp & grits as well.

  9. Scott permalink
    June 1, 2011 3:37 PM

    i’ve only lived in Nashville for two months, but I recently made it over to East Nashville and ate at a food truck called Terra Delicious. It was absolutely amazing and is so far the best place I’ve eaten. The flatbread sandwich I had was perfect!

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