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Epicurean Adventures Supper Club

April 26, 2011

Here’s some big news – I’m starting a supper club. I had the idea of doing this a few months ago and now it’s finally a reality. I got the chance to sit down last Saturday with some awesome company – Amy, Derek, Tabitha, Tyson, BJ, and Zarna – and we all shared an amazing meal together. I mean, check out this menu:

1st Course – Roasted Cauliflower Soup – Homemade bacon, crispy cauliflower, Noble Springs goat cheese, cilantro oil

2nd Course – Lettuce Wraps – Ethiopian spiced chicken, farm fresh local lettuce, pickled carrots, charmoula, harissa

3rd Course – Tunisienne – Homemade merguez sausage, chickpeas cooked in cinnamon and star anise, fresh cucumber salad

4th Course – Saffron Yogurt Panna Cotta – warm strawberries, pistachio, pomegranate molasses

Such was the first night of the supper club! If you are ready to go on some really fun and exciting Epicurean Adventures, I think you should sign up! All the information for the supper club is below and I also added a new tab on the homepage for you to access. Happy eatings!


The Epicurean Adventures Supper Club is an exploration of gastronomic delights, with an emphasis on fresh local and seasonal produce. It’s a completely innovative dining experience – trying out new ingredients and mingling with fellow foodies, all the while being aware of where our food comes from and who produces it.

It’s a story about food. Where cooking comes from the heart, showcasing traditional and modern recipes in order to share an extremely flavorful meal.

It’s a tale of experimentation. Trying out fruits or vegetables that you’ve never heard of (like tindora!), approaching the tastes you are so accustomed to in a different way, and playing with flavors and textures to create new and innovative dishes allows us to better understand food.

It’s a tribute to real people and artisans. Honest and hard working men and women have a passion for what they do daily. The farmers, ranchers, and food community of Middle Tennessee produce some of the most amazing food I’ve ever eaten. Let us recognize their craft and hard work as we support our local businesses.

Lastly, it’s  a celebration of friends coming together for a memorable experience over a communal meal. By the end of the night, we will all have some new friends, bellies satisfied and thirsts quenched.

How It Works

The Epicurean Adventures Supper Club will meet at least twice a month (sometimes more, but never less) on Saturday nights. We will share 4 courses and you are free to bring your own wine/beer.

Each time we will have a special epicurean theme, which may be determined by the use of a special seasonal ingredient (like tomatoes or local lamb) or by the products of one of our great artisans (what do you think about a 4 course cheese dinner?)

Every meeting will be limited to 10 people. I will blast an email out at the beginning of the week, and it’ll be first come, first served.

Register Your Email

In order to get on the email list, simply send me an email at with the subject line – Epicurean Adventures Supper Club – and request to be added to the mailing list. I will send you a confirmation email within 24 hours and you will start receiving email updating you on when the next meeting of the supper club will be, a menu of what will be served, and instructions on how to RSVP.

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  1. April 27, 2011 1:40 PM

    thank you so much for inviting us to the first supper club. the whole thing was absolutely amazing, from the food + drinks, to the company + conversation.

    i was going to tell you what my favorite course was, but i truly cannot pick just one. there wasn’t a single thing we didn’t like, + i can’t wait to join for future supper clubs! thanks again for a fabulous evening!

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