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Don’t Worry, I’m Still Here! Phoenix, AZ Highlights

December 5, 2010

Hey everybody! You’ve probably been sitting on the edge of your seats, just waiting…yearning to go on some new Epicurean Adventures, haven’t you?!? I’ve been going on some traveling adventures, as in going to Phoenix, AZ for a conference and so this was the first time since Wednesday that I had a chance to come on and update.

First off, the view was incredible. Phoenix is a beautiful city and although I did not get to explore it much, this is what I woke up to everyday.

Don’t have much to say except I had a great time here and got to check out two restaurants I was dying to try. Before I go on any trip, I look  up what the good places to eat are. Given that I didn’t have a car, I got lucky. The two places I wanted to go – Pizzeria Bianco and Matt’s Big Breakfast were both a half mile from my hotel!

Pizzeria Bianco was rated the #4 best pizza in the country by GQ magazine. You know me, I’m a self obsessed pizza snob, so I had to try to it out. I went there with my good friend and fraternal brother, Adi Lingampally, who happened to be in town for work. I haven’t seen Adi is over a year, so it was good to catch up, eat a great pizza, and have a few drinks.

Usually, this place has a wait that can sometimes be upwards of 3 hours! Can you believe that? People waiting 3 hours for pizza!! I get mad when it’s 30 minutes and delivery. We ended up going a bit later (around 9:15), and were surprised that there was no wait. We walked right in, sat down, and ordered two pizzas. I got the Pizza Rosa, which is a pizza with no tomato sauce – it has parmiagiano reggiano, extra virgin olive oil, rosemary, sliced red onions, and AZ pistachios. Not only was it one of the most unique pizzas I’ve ever had, but it was truly great. The crust is beautifully charred, crispy, and a little chewy. Chris Bianco doesn’t put an abundance of toppings on his pizza, so you can taste and appreciate each individual ingredient. Delicious. Adi ordered the margherita pizza, which was fantastic as well. We boxed it up and then I ate it for breakfast the next day! Afterwards, we went to Bar Bianco, which is right next door. Most people go here first. I mean..if you are going to wait 3 hours, it might as well be at a bar. The problem is, the bar has 7 seats. Luckily, we walked right and and there were two seats! No wait, again! Great people, great food. You must try it out.

(Photo Credit: GQ)

Then, there was Matt’s.  Matt’s Big Breakfast was featured on Food Network’s Best Thing I Ever Ate and Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. So, I had to go there. I really couldn’t believe my luck, or my impeccable planning skills, as I walked into this place that also has a usual hour long wait. I just went there this morning actually. I found out when they opened (6:30) and I was there…eagerly waiting to order my breakfast. I knew what I was getting long before I stepped foot in the place – The Chop & Chick. It’s a bone in pork chop, marinated in pesto, served with 2 eggs ( I get mine over easy), hash browns, whole wheat toast with homemade strawberry preserves, and some local coffee. I loved this spot – it was tiny, homey, and very local. They only have 6-7 things on the menu, so you know everything is carefully planned and thought out. This place is about quality. The pork chop was very flavorful and tender. The eggs were cooked perfectly, and the hashbrowns were nice and crispy – just the way I like it. If you are in Phoenix, make sure you stop by Matt’s for breakfast, which is served all day!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Enjoy and stay warm!



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  1. December 6, 2010 3:58 PM

    that pizza looks amazing!

  2. Katie permalink
    December 17, 2010 6:59 PM

    I’m so glad you loved some of the best Phoenix restaurants. Pizzeria Bianco is fantastic, and Matt’s is my absolute favorite. You’d be surprised how many great restaurants there are in Phoenix, from downtown to the Eastern neighborhoods. Next time you’re in town let me know if you need any recommendations- it’s my favorite pastime other than eating 🙂


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