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Happy Diwali!

November 5, 2010

Happy Diwali to all! As an Indian American, this “Festival of Lights”, one of the most important events of the year that celebrates the traditional Hindu New Year, holds very dear and special meaning to me.

Diwali is a time for families to come together as they pray and ask for good blessings in the year ahead. We remember our loved ones who have passed, and rejoice with the bright new faces that enter our lives. Candles are spread around the house and the lyrical beats of Indian music pervade your ears. The food is divine! Every day this week is a feast, with relatives and friends popping in and out of the house, little children receiving all kinds of gifts, and our dear elders smile while giving blessings and wishing good luck to all.

So today, I wish you all a Happy Diwali. Please cherish the time you have with your family and friends and be thankful for what you have. I hope and pray that the new year brings joy, good health, prosperity to you and your family.

God Bless,


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  1. MrLonely permalink
    November 6, 2010 12:24 AM

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  2. November 6, 2010 3:42 PM

    Happy Diwali to you Vivek!

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