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Oktoberfest 2010 & Germantown Street Festival

October 15, 2010

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of heading over to Nashville’s historic Germantown neighborhood for Oktoberfest!! I went with a few friends and my sister, conveniently pictured below:

From L-R (sister Zarna, birthday buddy Suruchi, childhood friend Rishab, and me!)

I’ve known Rishab basically my whole life and as a fellow beer connoisseur we were not going to miss Oktoberfest. Earlier this year he got married to Suruchi, who is not only a talented cook herself but she was born on the best day of the year (as was I!), June 15!

Ok, so first thing’s first, we got to the fair and we got some drinks.

Hmm..WEIN at Oktoberfest? Well, there was no line…  (That guy looks focused…never spill a drop)

And next to it we found these lovely ladies…

Who had all these lovely products…

They gave me the scampi blend for free! (this food blogging stuff has its perks!) I will be sure to use it and tell you all about it soon!

Next door to Wildtree was a guy with fresh hot pretzels!

After this we got in the belligerently long line for beer. I got some Shwarzbier! I love saying that… But, started drinking, so took less pictures. But you better believe after that beer was done, it was time for some Brats. These were supplied by Mad Platter – bratwurst with grilled onions, peppers, sauerkraut, and French’s yellow mustard – was hoping for some German mustard or curry mustard, but who cares – this thing was delicious!

Here’s some pictures of us…Check out Suruchi’s swanky beer mug

If you’re wondering why I’m wearing a Vandy jersey, it’s because I went tailgating and to the game after Oktoberfest. Vandy also won that game – GO DORES! It was a good day.

Anyway, as we carry on – I made friends with this dude…

Check out these beer steins – they are $150, but gorgeous. It was 90 degrees out and my new friend said his beer stayed cold for an hour – that’s…pretty cool.


After this, we hit a stand for one of my favorite ingredients!

This was some great local honey and I tasted my way through it all. I even ate some pollen!

After the honey, we went to a special place, called The Cocoa Tree, but I have a special post for them lined up, so stay tuned.

That was our Oktoberfest adventure. Can’t wait till next year!






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